Welcome to Warriston cemetery

The City of Edinburgh Council installed a new notice board at the main entrance to the cemetery on February 12, 2018.

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January 2018 round-up.

Various days in January 2018.

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January 1st…

This caught our eye in passing. Had to clear it a bit! Aside from a slur on Scotia’s Darling Seat, it’s an unusual choice of Biblical quotation – not to mention those serpents emerging from the bosses. It’s Hebrews Ch.13 V.14 (and I rather like V.16 also). Didn’t find the cross’s base, so we don’t know who was commemorated. Yet…


Started as a lovely day! Rained later, though.


Today there was formed a sub-group entitled “The Rebellious Bored”. And off we went grave-hunting. Here’s the evidence. Yes, there really is an upright stone in there! And now some will understand why we call this area “The Jungle”..


January 3rd…


This blue tit is house-hunting already. It checked out this gap in the stonework, disappearing inside twice as I watched.


The visiting bird-ringer wrote…

I thought, as we’re in the new year now, I’d give everyone a round up of the bird Ringing activities in the cemetery for 2017.
So since July I’ve ringed almost 80 birds at Warriston, the majority of which have been long-tailed tits with massive flocks passing through the area. The highlight being a couple of redwing, a winter visitor, which have been identified as the Scandinavian race or subspecies rather than the Icelandic/Greenland.
Hopefully these birds start turning up in far away lands and give us some valuable information on migration and distributions.
I also do some moth sampling and came across a phyllonorycter messaniella (a leaf mining moth) larvae on the resident holm oak (Pictured below). Which was an interesting find for me.
It’s been great to speak to those who’ve shown an interest and thank you for co-operating and being helpful by avoiding the mist nets when they’ve been set up as I do try to keep away from all the main paths and stick to quiet periods of the day.


Bold robin.


January 5th…

For those interested, three more recently identified brick maker marks to add to the five previously posted. The bricks were used for various outbuildings and walls in the head gardener’s cottage area. *Winchburgh* – Winchburgh Brick Works, Winchburgh, West Lothian. *NCB P-Grange* –
Prestongrange Brick, Tile and Fireclay Works, Prestonpans, East Lothian. *Vogrie* – Vogrie Brick and Tile Works, Newlandrif, Gorebridge, Midlothian.

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January 6th…

After a couple of days of rain, we had a light sunny day. What this photograph can’t show, though, is the raw and chilly easterly breeze! Still, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the conditions on the North American continent.


Some bulbs, impatient for Spring. Aren’t we all!


January 8th…


January 11th…

A good day for birding. Goldcrest, Treecreeper, Buzzard, Great Spotted Woodpecker.


January 13th…

Here they come…


January 16th…

16/01/2018. Between light snowfalls.


January 17th…


January 18th…


January 19th…


January 29th…



December 2017 round-up.

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We’ve undertaken a joint project with the Council’s Trees & Woodland Officer. Up in the north-east corner there’s a bank which had a load of diseased ash trees (plus too many sycamores and the usual ivy, brambles, nettles, and some convolvulus). Nearby residents had expressed concern. We’ve removed a lot of the undesirable growth – more to go still! Some elm saplings, plus a birch and a hazel have been left in place, plus this mass of mature ivy up a tree trunk.We received 120 shrubs and hedge plants from The Woodland Trust and we’ve been planting them beside the fence. About 80 in, so about 40 to go yet. The second photograph shows some of the clear tubes protecting the new plants. The residents are now receiving more light and warmth into the south-facing rooms and into their drying green. They’re happy! (See the two photos below.)


Something a bit different. Edinburgh skyline from the south perimeter of the cemetery. (See the three photos below)



“Winter fun in Edinburgh”

TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) visited the site at the end of 2016 and helped us to plant spring bulbs and build a dead hedge in the Secret Garden. Here is a link to their blog. Their Warriston cemetery visit is recorded about half-way down the page…



Map of Warriston cemetery.

Here you see a map of the cemetery showing the layout and position of each of the sections. It’s of standard orientation with north at the top edge. The main entrance, which leads from Warriston Gardens, is at the upper left corner.

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Map of Warriston Cemetery


Remembrance Sunday, 2017.

Thank you to the Rev. Joanne Foster for leading the Service, to Dr Mark Taylor for playing a moving lament afterwards, to Councillor and Mrs Whyte for laying a wreath on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council, to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for their continuing care of the monument and to our members for attending this morning. It was a beautiful morning, but very cold.


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August 26, 2017.

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Magnificent horse chestnut by the catacombs and some of its abundant fruit. It didn’t fall that way, it was artistically arranged…21032750_10155210889808025_8652375485464209332_n21055058_10155210890588025_8767972140874210833_o

In section ‘O’ …


It’s always good uncovering a surprise find. Before and after…



Previously… Scotland’s History Festival 2017.

We are taking part in this year’s History Festival by providing a Guided Tour of Warriston cemetery.

Event details;

Date: Thursday 23 November 2017.
Time: 1.30pm.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Cost: £5 (free to children under 12 years).
Extra info: Waterproofs and “sensible footwear” required.
Event venue: Warriston cemetery.
Venue address: Main Gate, 42 Warriston Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 5NE.
Ticket purchase: Pay at gate. Booking essential.

Contact emailfriendsofwarristoncemetery@gmail.com

Here’s what you can expect on the day…

A guided tour of Edinburgh’s first designed garden cemetery, opened in 1843, formerly neglected in parts but now being cleared of excess weeds by the Friends of Warriston Cemetery. Many of Edinburgh’s Victorian society members lie within, some with distinctive monuments and all with stories to be told. There are architects, artists, astronomers, botanists, doctors, entertainers, historians, horticulturists, ministers, military personnel, photographers, scientists, sculptors, teachers – all manner of occupations. And there’s wildlife too, in this Local Biodiversity Site.

History Festival websitewww.historyfest.co.uk/


Mid-August 2017.

Includes a young Sparrowhawk and a Speckled Wood butterfly.

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Early August in the cemetery.

August 2017

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