Back where it belongs.

This mysterious number appeared! And one of our piles of debris there vanished. What was this about? Well, there are half a dozen piles of gravestones which have been removed from their original positions. No-one is sure why, happened a long time ago. We’ve been keeping some of the piles clear of foliage so that at least some stones may be read. We were told that a family member came by, on a walk, spotted one of their own family stones. One from the Council’s list of approved masons was instructed to come by, take the stone away to clean it, create a new cement foundation – ensuring it was level! – and re-erect the gravestone in its rightful place. And here it is. Happy ending! Well done, that family member.

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The following photographs show clearance work over several sessions. Most of the clearing involves clipping ivy and removing dirt. It sounds easy but as the ivy has been left to its own devices for many years much of it has become thick and tough plus it has ‘woven’ itself into matting over and around the stones. It can be painstaking work but we say it’s worth it when we reveal stones hidden from view for far too long.

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Planting update.

A few weeks ago we planted some teensy winter-flowering shrubs near the grave of James McNab, as part of our “botanical” theme. He was an eminent personage at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh “across the road” and, amongst other achievements, he had designed the former Winter Garden there. We weren’t expecting any action from those plants for a while, but this one just couldn’t wait! In flower already.

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Some photos taken around the site on a work party day. Click a photo to view a larger version. This opens in a new window.

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A couple of volunteers have been tending to the area around Sir James Young Simpson. And here are some of the tete-a-tete daffodils they planted, looking lovely in a little sunshine this morning…


More snowdrops!…


Sunnier versions of the view posted a few days ago…


More tete-a-tete daffodils, which we’d planted beside the hedge between the north path and the extension…


Some berries and some viburnum flowers. Separately!..