Some views and nature from around the cemetery. Click an image to view a larger version. Opens in a new window.


Looking up the east path. The tree nearest the camera was used by four families of bird this year. Robins, Treecreepers and Wrens (twice) selected various parts of the tree to build nests and rear their young. There were three lots doing so at once!

Part of the semi-woodland area.

Part of the semi-woodland area.


A Robin singing.


Various headstones including that of James Young Simpson.


A Poppy at Simpson’s memorial.


The ‘Red Lady’ memorial. This is what remains of what was a lovely white marble structure built in 1865 for Mary Ann Robertson. The title comes from the colour of light provided by the red glass roof which bathed the interior of this mortuary chapel. It was finally demolished in the late 1980s after years of vandalism.