The campaign has entered its last week. With only a few days left, and still a lot to go, please pledge and spread the word! (If you have any problems with payment, please contact Natalia or The friends of Warriston Cemetery through this page or via FaceBook.)

In Loving Memory Of” is a short creative documentary about Warriston Cemetery, a hidden gem in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. It is a magical, secret garden, walled, overgrown with ivy and full of life. The film features the Friends of Warriston Cemetery whose mission is to uncover some of the forgotten Victorian treasures. The story was developed through the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap programme. Now in filming stage, but we need your help with post-production costs!

Natalia is an independent filmmaker who is raising funds in order for her film to be completed to a high standard. A project such as this requires a professional post-production team including editor, colourist, sound designer and composer. There is also rental of sound recording equipment and facilities to pay for as well as the likes of promotional material and festival entry fees etc.

You can view Natalia’s campaign and pledge here…


“In return for your pledge you get perks like a personal tour of the cemetery (plenty of secrets to tell) or an original photo print of the place in its full beauty.”