Various days in January 2019.

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January 12th…

Section F, now looking more as it ought to. In the older part of the cemetery, this is one of the very few open spaces where birds have room to swoop about to catch insects. We plan to leave the bramble “plantation” in the background and to remove some of the ground ivy in the foreground, then replace that with long grass and wildflowers. We’ve planted shrubs behind that large monument. This will vary the biodiversity, and look more attractive to those coming in by the unofficial entrance at the East Gate. And sooner or later the Council will dispose of our piles of debris!


January 19th…

Section F is looking better and better. A few more brambles cut (aside from those we’re leaving in place), a lot of raking out, and we’re getting there. Behind that large monument to David Ramsay Hay there were so many brambles that we couldn’t get at the Himalayan Balsam! Now we see bulb shoots we’d never been able to see before and we’ve planted some shrubs. But it seems that we missed a stick.


We knew that during the week the Council crew had been in to shift some of our piles of debris and to burn others. It’s a very labour-intensive task, takes ages, and the Council is chronically understaffed. So we were VERY happy to see the difference today!


January 31st…

A new notice has appeared. Excellent H&S advice!