On August 16th 2020 we lost a lovely tall fir tree at the southernmost part of Warriston Cemetery. The precise cause hasn’t been determined but the tree, rather than being uprooted, broke off at ground level. Winds around the time weren’t particularly intense but wind-assisted damage can’t be ruled out.

The foot of the tree was lying where it had broken off, supported by the raised ground there and by some of its still-attached branches which were in the river. The rest of the tree jutted out over the Water of Leith and the upper section was partly on the river and riverbank, partly on the raised flood protection walkway and protruded into Warriston Road.

The photographs here were taken on August 17th, the day after the tree toppled. Also on September 8th when the team were working to cut and remove it. Lastly on August 10th when all that remained was a mass of twigs, small branches and accumulated debris that had become caught by the tree branches. This will eventually clear with help from the river.

Right-click on an image and select ‘Open image in a new tab’ to see the larger size.